About Us

Welcome to JTT!

JTT is a dedicated subcontractor for industrial and tool companies. We have long experience of both contract and tool manufacturing where we use techniques that include electrical discharge machining, milling, start hole punching and abrasive micro-blasting. We also work with precision cutting using water – with tolerances down to 0.02 mm.

Our workshop is in Smålandsstenar, in the industrial Gnosjö region.

The company started in 1992, and today, we are five people who, thanks to efficient machinery, long experience and a personal feeling for service, help customers with both single projects to daily production.



In December, Sven Jakobsson starts the company and buys the first electrical discharge machine, which is an Hitachi. Previously, Sven has worked for 12 years as a toolmaker of cutting and moulding tools.


Sven buys the company’s second electrical discharge machine, this is also an Hitachi, and is still alone in the company.


The company buys its first, manual start hole machine.


Sven recruits Lennart Martinsson and buys the first Fanuc Electrical Discharge Machine.


The fourth electrical discharge machine, which is also a Fanuc, is installed


The two Hitachi machines are replaced with a third Fanuc machinen.


An abrasive blasting machine is bought for the company


Bengt Thelin starts work at JTT, and the company now has three employees.


The first controlled start- hole electrical discharge machine and a fourth Fanuc machine are purchased.


A fifth Fanuc machine and the second start hole discharge machine is installed. The milling machine arrives and broadens the operations.


Johan Gustavsson starts at the company.


To further broaden the business, a WMC 500 Waterjet Cutting Machine is acquired.


Jakob Nilsson is employed after a years’ apprenticeship.


JTT installs a further Fanuc Robocut α-1C and has two in total of this type of machine.


Simon Thelin is recruited, and the company now has a total of five employees.


Bengt Thelin, who has been employed for more than 12 years, takes over the company after Sven Jakobsson. The ambition is to run the business in the same way as before. Sven will continue to be employed by the company.


Marko Lövstål is employed.


JTT investerar i en trådgnist Fanuc Robocut C800iB, med arbetsområde 800×600 mm. Vi har nu totalt 8 st Fanuc-maskiner, vilket är mest i Sverige!


A normal year, we have more than 100 customers and none of them account for more than 10 % of our turnover. Many of our customers are toolmakers, or have their own tool department, where, at Jakobssons, we help to reduce your peak loads, so you don’t need to say no to anything. Many companies have realised the advantages of having their reserve capacity at JTT.


At JTT, we help you with everything from toolmaking to production of prototypes, short and long series, where electrical discharge machining and precision waterjet cutting are the core of our operations – together with associated services.

With start hole technology, we can make holes straight as an arrow with diameters of 0.5 – 6 mm, even in hardened materials.

Using electrical discharge technology, we can manage almost any shape on a workpiece whatsoever. With unbeatable precision in all details.

Using milling, we carry out both traditional milling jobs and producing workpieces for further machining, for example, by electrical discharge machining or start hole.

Using micro-abrasive blasting, we machine the surface to make it even finer. This can be of crucial importance, for example, for the performance of a plastic tool.

With precision waterjet cutting, we can quickly, and with high precision (down to 0.02 mm), make complicated cuts in nearly all materials in thicknesses up to 50 mm.

Machine fleet


Mastercam. Suitable file formats: MC9, MC 10, DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP and XT.h XT.


Drever 2010, Amos

Waterjet cutting machine

Finecut WMC 500

Electrical discharge machine

1x Fanuc Robocut α-1A with working range X 520 Y 370 Z 300.

Electrical discharge machine

2x Fanuc Robocut α-1B with working range X 550 Y 370 Z 300

Electrical discharge machine

2x Fanuc Robocut α-1C with working range X 550 Y 370 Z 300

Electrical discharge machine

1x Fanuc Robocut α-1D with working range X 600 Y 400 Z 300

Electrical discharge machine

1x Fanuc Alpha C400iA with working range X 370 Y 270 Z 2550

Start-hole electric discharge machine

Aristech 2SD-30C

Start-hole electric discharge machine, controlled

Top EDM TSH-600V Spooler

Start-hole electric discharge machine

Top EDM TSH-400T Bath machine

Milling cutters

Micron 560 with working range X 560 Y 500 Z400



Cutting machine



Harrison 600

Grinding machine

Delta 650/380

Measuring equipment

Mitutoyo LH-600